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Why do we carry out consultations?

Consultations about health figures to interpret health data
We use health figures in consultations with Utrecht residents, professionals and district and advisory boards. We share our knowledge with residents and professionals in the city. Next, we verify our findings with them. Do they recognise the figures in practice? Do they have explanations for what the figures suggest? What do the figure mean to them? Together we discuss and interpret the details. In these consultations, other developments and experiences of residents and professionals can be discussed as well. In this way, we can identify developments that have not shown (yet) from the figures and present a comprehensive picture of the health of Utrecht residents. Exchanging knowledge and insights has a connecting effect.

Consultations are held with various groups
We carry out consultations focused on a specific district, topic or target group. We aim to speak with as great a variety of people as possible. We use the network of the municipal departments to contact groups. Preferably, we link up with existing groups.

What do we do with the information?
The information from the consultations helps us interpret the figures correctly or is a reason to perform additional analyses or request new data. As from 2018, we also want to publish important signs or additions from the conversations on this website, for instance in the form of quotes, to tell the story behind the figures.