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Utrecht Health Profile 2018

On the Utrecht Health Profile.
With the Public Health Monitor Utrecht the municipality of Utrecht and many partners provide a picture of the health of Utrecht residents. Once every four years, we take stock of the situation in the Utrecht Health Profile. We look at remarkable developments, at what is going well or less well, and at disparities between population groups or districts that require attention. To this end, we use many data sets and we conduct many consultations in the city to interpret this data. In the process, we look at health indicators as well as at factors that affect health, such as lifestyle, social environment, health care, social participation, and living environment.

Utrecht Health Profile 2018: health of Utrechters improves, but inequalities still require attention
The Utrecht Health Profile 2018 shows that, in general, the health of Utrecht residents is good. Eight in ten adults and nine in ten children feel healthy; the average life expectancy in Utrecht is increasing.The number of Utrecht children and adults with an accumulation of health problems and risks has slightly decreased, except among residents with a medium level of education. However, health inequalities between different groups and districts continue to require attention.

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