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Smoking increases the risk of health issues and untimely death
Smoking increases the risk of untimely death. This means that the average smoker grows less old than non-smokers. Additionally, smokers have an increased chance of cardiovascular diseases and several forms of cancer (RIVM, 2016). The health of non-smokers can also be impaired, if they inhale other people’s smoke (passive smoking).

Water pipe just as harmful to health as cigarettes

The harmful substances released when a water pipe is smoked, are the same as those released by cigarette smoking: tar, carbon monoxide, and heavy metals. Harmful substances are also released when fruit tobacco or herbal mixtures are smoked. The amount of smoke inhaled during a one-hour water pipe session is equal to the amount of smoke from 150 to 180 cigarettes. If the tobacco contains nicotine, smoking a water pipe is also addictive (Trimbos, 2013; RIVM, 2016).

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