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2017 Self-perceived health

 Please pay attention: this is an article from 2017. However, there is a more recent article from 2019
Four in five Utrecht adults feel healthy
81% of Utrecht adults (aged 19-64) indicate their health is good. Women feel less healthy than men do. As their age increases, people feel less healthy. 90% of 19- to 39-year-olds and 65% of 55- to 65-year-olds indicate they experience their health as good.

Highly educated adults feel healthy more often
The more highly educated Utrecht residents are, the more often they feel healthy. Especially people with a lower level of education perceive their health as less good.

Utrecht residents with a Moroccan or Turkish background feel less healthy
About half of adults with a Moroccan background feel less healthy. Among Utrecht residents with a Turkish background this is 43%. 13% of Utrecht residents without a migration background indicate their health is not good. Among Utrecht residents without a migration background with a low level of education, the percentage is higher: 41%.

40% of single parents feel less healthy
Two in five single parents in Utrecht perceive their health as less good. More often, adults with a partner and without children perceive their health as good.

Residents in Overvecht and Zuidwest feel healthy less often
38% of Overvecht adults indicate their health is less good. Among Zuidwest residents, this is one quarter. The percentage of residents who feel healthy is highest in Noordoost, Binnenstad and Oost.

Percentages of Utrecht adults who experience their health as good:

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