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2017 Self-perceived health

 Please pay attention: this is an article from 2017. However, there is a more recent article from 2018
Children in Utrecht are feeling increasingly healthy
Since 2007, the percentage of Utrecht primary school pupils from groups seven and eight who feel (very) healthy, has increased from 88% to 92% in 2015. Only a few perceive their health as poor or not so good, and 8% say their health is moderate.

Children without a migration background and children with a Surinam, Antillean or Aruban background generally feel healthier than children with a Turkish or Moroccan background.

Better perceived health among children from affluent families
Children from highly affluent families often feel healthier than children from families with low or medium affluence.

Children from Noordoost and Oost feel healthy most often
Children living in Noordoost and Oost feel healthy more often than children from other districts. 96% of children from these districts perceive their health as (very) good. There is no difference between the other districts as to how children perceive their health.

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