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Nutrition has strong influence on health
Good nutrition has a positive effect on somebody’s health. Eating healthy food is associated with a reduced chance of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. In the Public Health Monitor Utrecht (Volksgezondheidsmonitor Utrecht, VMU), the consumption of vegetables, fruit and breakfast by Utrecht residents is studied, as well as the consumption of sweet drinks and unhealthy snacks by Utrecht children and youngsters. In this way, we gain insight into making healthy choices with respect to nutrition and food in Utrecht.

Why is daily consumption of vegetables and fruit important?
Vegetables and fruit contain important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, and do not contain any saturated fats and trans fat and only little sodium. A daily consumption of 250 grams of vegetables and two fruits a day is recommended (Netherlands Nutrition Centre – Voedingscentrum – 2016).

Why is breakfast important?
After a night without food, a good breakfast gives the body new energy and gets metabolism going. This does not only provide valuable nutrients but also helps to concentrate. Having food at regular intervals is also important to retain a healthy weight (Netherlands Nutrition Centre, 2016).  

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