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With whom do we collaborate?

The Public Health Monitor Utrecht is more and more a result of cooperation
A growing number of parties is actively involved in (parts of) the Public Health Monitor Utrecht, such as other municipal departments, social partners and organisations that have Utrecht data at their disposal, as well as universities, universities of applied science, and knowledge institutions. Due to this co-production in research, we gain more insight into the health of Utrecht residents and into how it is affected, especially with respect to complex issues like health differences. With this knowledge we enrich the Public Health Monitor Utrecht.

Different ways of collaboration
Collaboration is possible in different ways, for instance by sharing signs, knowledge and/or data, to make optimum use of each other’s expertise and available health data. We handle these data carefully and comply with the privacy guidelines (Personal Data Protection Act, Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).

Collaboration is primarily focused on four subjects
In the 2014-2018 period, we primarily collaborate in the event of health issues concerning the following subjects:
•    Broadening the concept of health, for instance we pay attention to self-management, resilience, meaning and human dignity;
•    Healthy start, with a focus on the health of Utrecht children from the age of  9 months (during pregnancy) till 6 years;
•    Reducing health differences, by studying which factors are related to health differences;
•    Healthy living environment: we look at the influence of the physical, social and digital environment on health.

Examples of research collaboration
•    In 2016, we developed health profiles of adolescents together with the University of Amsterdam. These profiles provide insight into the subgroups of adolescents that can be distinguished when multiple health factors are considered simultaneously.
•    In 2017, we studied in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam which factors are related to changes in overweight in elementary school children.
•    We are currently working with the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and the Institute of Positive Health on a study into how youngsters describe health.
•    A paediatrician of the municipality together with the University Medical Centre Groningen is working on a study on school absenteeism and school drop-outs.
•    With Municipal Health Services (GGDs), the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Statistics Netherlands (CBS)we collaborate on a national level in a large-scale survey among adults and elderly people. It is a way to compare Utrecht data with those of other Dutch municipalities.

If you have an idea for health research and you want to work on this in collaboration with us, please contact us via

Member of partnerships in research
The Public Health department of the municipality of Utrecht is a member of various partnerships in research. Examples include Dynamics of Youth (strategic theme of Utrecht University), the Academic Collaborative Centre Transformation Youth Utrecht, Front-Runner Table GGDs Positive Health (Koplopertafel Publieke Gezondheid), the study group Public Health of GGD-GHOR Netherlands, and the Public Mental Healthcare Academic Collaborative Centre of the four large cities.