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Mental health

People with a good psychological health are mostly satisfied with their life
Psychologically healthy people are generally happy and satisfied with their life. They can deal with set-backs, do not experience too much pressure to perform and have a circle of friends they feel at ease with (Ter Bogt et al., 2003). Chronic psychological diseases, like chronic physical diseases, affect self-perceived health and quality of life. Indicators of psychological health are anxiety disorders, depression, nervous exhaustion and stress.

Psychosocial health of children
An indicator of psychological health of a child is its psychosocial health. In this context, various indicators are considered, such as emotional problems, behavioural problems, hyperactive behaviour, limited social skills, and problems in relations with peers.

Psychosomatic complaints manifest themselves physically
An individual’s psychosomatic health is also important. Psychosomatic complaints are often associated with diseases that manifest themselves physically, whereas psychological factors play a major role in the cause of the complaints. Psychosomatic health indicators include stomach-ache, headache, fatigue and/or sleeping problems.

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