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The Utrecht Health Profile 2018
Special report: Healthy Ageing in Utrecht
Special report: Good Health for All
Special report: How is the health of young people in Utrecht?
Countdown to the presentation of the Utrecht Health Profile: November 21, 2022

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October 2019: Special report: Healthy ageing in Utrecht?
How are older people doing in Utrecht? In this special report, we share more about their health, living environment and ability to participate in society.

January 2019: Special report: Good Health for All
Good health is not always guaranteed for Utrecht residents facing problems in multiple life areas. Read more on this topic in this special.

October 2018: Special report: Health of Utrecht’s young people
In general, Utrecht’s young people are doing well. There are issues that require extra attention, such as falling vaccination rates, increased fear of failure and concerns of professionals about performance pressure. Read more about it in this special.

February 2018: The Utrecht Health Profile 2018
How is the health of Utrecht residents? Which developments and trends do we see in the city? Read all about it in the Utrecht Health Profile 2018.