Healthy Urban Living: storytelling in Utrecht
New data about Utrecht adults and elderly available!
95% of Utrecht adults think it is important to have green areas in their neighbourhood
Child Health Week: children in Utrecht are feeling increasingly healthy
Depression: let's talk! 8% of Utrecht adults suffer from depression

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February 2018: Healthy Urban Living: storytelling in Utrecht
Health and well-being are drivers of urban development. Therefore there are several initiatives of Healthy Urban Living in Utrecht. Want to know more about these initiatives? Continue reading here!

December 2017: New data about Utrecht adults and elderly available!
The first results of the ‘Gezondheidspeiling 2016’ are now available on this website. Read how Utrecht adults perceive their health, how many are overweight or which chronic physical diseases occur most often among Utrecht elderly.

June 2017: Most Utrechters think green areas are important
A healthy living environment should have enough green areas. Are Utrechters satisfied with the green areas in their neighbourhood? And how often do they visit parks or nature?

May 2017: Child Health Week
May 8th to May 12th was Child Health Week: helping children and families together to grow up as healthy as possible. How healthy are Utrecht children? Read it here!

April 2017: Depression, let's talk
April 7th is World Health Day, this year focusing on depression. Which Utrechters suffer most often from depression?

The Utrecht Health Profile 2018
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