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How do we collect data?

Data about health are collected from various sources
To get insight into the health of Utrecht residents, we collect data from many sources. We combine insights from available studies and reports. We also obtain information directly from data registrations or ask Utrecht residents what they think of certain subjects or how they experience something. All the information we collect about a certain subject or group is combined and made accessible. This way, we give a comprehensive picture of the health of Utrecht residents.

Which sources do we use?
We start by retrieving existing information. We use scientific studies and extract information from existing reports. If this is not sufficient, we look for other sources.

  • Registers
    In the Netherlands, much information is registered. Part of it is very useful to complete the picture of the health of Utrecht residents. We use data from national registers, such as mortality rates and data from health insurers. The municipality of Utrecht also has its own registers that contain useful information, like registers of Youth Health Care and air quality measurements. We do not publish any data that are traceable to individuals, and we comply with the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).
  • Survey
    Some information can only be obtained from people themselves. A survey is a good way to do this. The municipality of Utrecht conducts large-scale questionnaire surveys among adults (the Health Survey and the Residents Survey), youngsters (E-movo) and children (the Youth Monitor). By collaborating on a national level with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and Municipal Health Services we can compare data on Utrecht adults and elderly people from the Health Survey with data on other Dutch people. Additionally, we frequently use panels of Utrecht residents, such as the residents panel and the panel ‘Meetellen in Utrecht’ (Inclusion in Utrecht). Data retrieved from surveys and panels are not published in a way that they could be traced back to individuals.
  • Signs from practice
    Another source we use, are signs from practice. We consult with various (health care) professionals inside and outside the municipality of Utrecht, because they can provide us us valuable additional information about the health of (groups of) Utrecht residents. Besides, they can help us interpret the health data on from various studies and registers.

In-depth study
Sometimes subjects require further study. We call this an in-depth study. These in-depth studies often require extra time and knowledge. Sometimes we conduct them ourselves, but we often cooperate with knowledge institutes.

From data to information on the website
The information we collect from various sources is made available via this website. To provide as comprehensive as possible a picture of every subject and every target group, we combine all information (data) from the sources mentioned above per subject. Our careful method requires time and attention. It takes time to study and explain a subject in enough detail to publish it on the website.