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Health literacy

Health literacy is related to health
Limited functional health literacy is related to poorer (self-perceived) health and a bigger chance of premature death (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, NIVEL, 2015). Health literacy is a major requirement for a healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviour. You can only take care of your own health and that of any family members, if you can find, read, understand and apply the relevant information.

There are many different definitions of health literacy, ranging from narrow to broad. In the monitor, the basic functional health literacy has been opted for. These are the skills required to read, understand and apply health information.

Gezondheidsvaardigheden hangen samen met gezondheid

Probably, the percentage of Utrecht residents with limited functional health literacy is underestimated, due to the fact that a written questionnaire was used to ask if people experience any difficulty in reading and understanding information and completing forms.

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