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Health in the Utrecht district Zuidwest
Among others: Dichterswijk, Rivierenwijk, Transwijk and Kanaleneiland

In Zuidwest there are relatively many people who are in a poor state of health. Major disparities can be seen within the district. Residents in the district of Dichterswijk/Rivierenwijk are more likely to feel healthy than residents of Kanaleneiland and Transwijk.

A relatively high number of toddlers are (at risk of) lagging behind in language development. In a number of other areas, children in Zuidwest perform better than on average in the city. They have fewer social-emotional problems and are less likely to have experimented with alcohol. However, they exercise less and are also less likely to be members of a sports club. This is similar for young people. In comparison to the city average they are more likely to be overweight and drink more energy drinks. Tolerance towards homosexuality is lower among young people in Zuidwest.

Positive developments can be seen among adults. Compared to four years ago, more inhabitants perceive their health as good, the number of people with mental health problems has reduced and fewer people smoke. The number of people who are overweight has increased. Professionals partially recognise the positive developments. They see residents who are doing better, but also people who seem to have all the problems combined. They have financial problems, an unhealthy lifestyle and many diseases. These people live mainly in Kanaleneiland. Professionals also say that residents are not always satisfied with safety in the district.