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Health in the Utrecht district Zuid
Among others: Lunetten and Hoograven

Almost all children, young people and adults are positive about their health. The figures about the district are often in line with the Utrecht average. What is striking is that children in this district rate their social environment less favourably. Young people are more likely to have smoked a cigarette or cannabis at some point.

Some positive developments can be seen among adults. More people feel they have enough control over their own lives. Fewer people have trouble making ends meet. The number of people who are overweight has reduced and fewer people say they have mental health problems. Professionals say that a change in the composition of the district’s population is responsible for the positive situation.

The newcomers in the district often have high levels of education and are relatively healthy. Professionals acknowledge that these figures do not represent inhabitants with a low level of education and a relatively poor health situation well.

There are visible disparities within the district. Residents of the subdistrict of Oud Hoograven/Tolsteeg are more healthy, for example. The inhabitants of Nieuw Hoograven/Bokkenbuurt are less healthy; this can be seen in the fact that more children are overweight.