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Health in the Utrecht district West
Among others: Oog in Al, Lombok and Nieuw Engeland

Almost all children, young people and adults in West are positive about their health. The figures for this district are often in line with the average for Utrecht. In recent years, the number of children who are overweight in the district has decreased. It is notable that children are more likely to have stolen something or intentionally destroyed something.

Most adults feel healthy. However, compared to four years ago, the group of people who feel healthy has decreased somewhat. Loneliness has increased in recent years, corresponding with the situation in the rest of the city. It is positive that there has been a decrease in excessive alcohol consumption. Other positive developments among adults include that fewer people have difficulties making ends meet and that the percentage of overweight people has decreased. Professionals recognize this.

There are disparities among the subdistricts in West. For example, this can be seen in the figures regarding people who are overweight. In the Oog in Al/Welgelegen subdistrict, 8% of 10-12-year-olds are overweight. In the Lombok/Leidscheweg subdistrict this is percentage is 24%.