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Health in the Utrecht district Overvecht

In Overvecht there is a relatively high number of people in a poor state of health.

Many children grow up in a family with multiple problems. A relatively high number of toddlers is (at risk of being) behind in language development and professionals often see young children who are overweight. Children eat more fruit than on average in the city. However, they get less exercise and are less likely to be members of a sports club.

Young people are more likely to drink energy drinks.

Many adults do not feel healthy. This has increased compared to four years ago. They suffer from relatively more chronic illnesses and diseases. Mental health disorders, but also cardiovascular disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal diseases are relatively common. According to professionals and residents, poverty and debt are dominant factors for many people. That has a negative influence on their health. The number of people who feel they do not have enough control over their own life has increased. Loneliness is relatively common in the district.