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Health in the Utrecht district Oost
Among others: Oudwijk, Wilhelminapark, Rijnsweerd

The inhabitants in the district of Oost are relatively healthy. Children are positive about their health. They play outdoors more often than average and many children are members of a sports club.

Young people show more experimental behaviour than in other districts. They drink more alcohol; this also applies to smoking cigarettes and smoking cannabis. It is also striking that they are more likely to grow up in a co-parenting situation. This situation corresponds with that of the neighbouring district of Noordoost.

Adults also feel relatively healthy. However, 7% do not have enough control over their own lives. This percentage has increased over the past four years and is heading towards the city average, so that the disparity between the Oost district and the city is decreasing. Oost is one of the districts with a slight increase in mental health problems. Professionals notice this among the ‘late twenties, early thirties’ age group: workers and young families leading a busy life. Excessive alcohol consumption is more common than the average in the city, as well as smoking (24%). In interviews, this was associated with a relatively large number of students in the district (25%).

Professionals indicate that residents of the Sterrenwijk and Lodewijk Napoleonplantsoen districts are not well represented in these figures. Their health is not so good, which can be seen in the higher number of overweight children and adults, for example.