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Health in the Utrecht district Noordwest
Among others: Pijlsweerd, Ondiep and Zuilen

In Noordwest, relatively many people are in poor health. Major disparities can be seen within the district. For example, residents in the subdistricts of Ondiep and Zuilen-Oost are more likely to feel unhealthy. The figures on children and young people in the district are mostly in line with the average for Utrecht.

It is notable that fewer children are members of a sports club and that weight problems are more common in children in specific subdistricts than on average in the city. In addition, children in Noordwest are at an increased risk of social-emotional problems and are more likely to be bullied at school. The percentage of young people who are physically active for an hour a day is lower than the city average. Also, young people are less likely to be members of a sports club.

A number of positive developments can be seen in the figures for adults. Compared to four years ago, fewer people are struggling to make ends meet. The number of overweight people has decreased and more people are getting enough exercise. This is visible both at district level as well as in the Zuilen-Oost subdistrict. Care professionals say that this positive development could be the result of the arrival of a new group of relatively healthy people. In addition, the negative development of more people feeling lonely in Utrecht is also visible in Noordwest.