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Health in the Utrecht district Noordoost
Among others: Tuindorp, Voordorp and Wittevrouwen

Inhabitants of Noordoost are relatively healthy. Children in this district feel healthier than on average. They play outside more often and many children are members of a sports club. Young people show more experimental behaviour than in other districts. They drink more alcohol, this also applies to smoking cigarettes and smoking cannabis. It is also striking that they are more likely to grow up in a co-parenting situation.

Adults generally feel healthy and the proportion of inhabitants who are healthy has increased compared with four years ago. Compared to the average in the city, they have fewer chronic diseases. However, 8% do not have sufficient control over their own lives. This percentage is heading towards the city average, so that the disparity between the district of Noordoost and the city is decreasing. Excessive alcohol consumption is more common than the average in the city. Social loneliness has increased compared to four years ago. In conversations, people mentioned that the number of pensioners is increasing relatively rapidly in the district and that the fact that they no longer work is a possible cause for this.

Among the group of adults who provide informal care, this relatively often involves ‘intensive’ informal care. They are more likely to experience this as a heavy burden than in other districts.