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Leidsche Rijn

Health in the Utrecht district Leidsche Rijn

Leidsche Rijn is a district with many families. Children, young people and adults in this district are relatively healthy. Toddlers are less likely to have language and speech problems than on average in the city. More children are members of a sports club. However, the children in this district are more likely to drink two or more soft drinks per day and to bring unhealthy snacks to school. Healthcare professionals recognise this. Young people are less likely to have drunk alcohol at some point. However, they are more likely to look at a screen for more than two hours per day. Also, young people in Leidsche Rijn are less physically active.

Relatively few adults have mental health problems and compared to four years ago this number has decreased. Healthcare professionals and residents do not recognise this. They see many working people and young families leading busy lives, which leads to them experiencing stress.
Adults in the district get less exercise compared to the average throughout the city. The number of people who are overweight and obese has decreased but is still higher than the average for the city. In the district of Leidsche Rijn loneliness has increased, as it has in other districts. What is striking is that social loneliness in particular has increased (lack of people around you).