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 Please pay attention: this is an article from 2017. However, there is a more recent article from 2019
More than half of elderly Utrecht residents are overweight
59% of Utrecht residents aged 65 or older are overweight. Severe overweight or obesity is found in 20% of this age group. This percentage is above the average for Utrecht adults. Among Utrecht residents between the ages of 19 and 64, 33% are overweight (including obesity) and 8% are obese.

22% of residents aged between 65 and 79 are obese
Almost one quarter of Utrecht residents aged between 65 and 79 are obese. Among residents aged 80 or older, this percentage is lower: 12%. Overweight (including obesity) is also found more often among people aged between 65 and 79 and among elderly people with a migration background. The percentage of obesity among elderly residents with a secondary or high education is below the average for Utrecht.

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