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Health in the Utrecht district Binnenstad

The inhabitants in the district of Binnenstad, both children and adults, are relatively healthy. Children aged 10-11 play outside less often in comparison and say that they do not have enough play areas in the neighbourhood. However, they do sports more often at a sports club and possibly still get enough exercise this way. Young people show more experimental behaviour  than in other districts. They are more likely to drink alcohol and smoke.

Most adults feel healthy. However, compared to four years ago, the number of people who feel healthy has decreased. Loneliness has increased in recent years, corresponding with the situation in the rest of the city. Excessive alcohol consumption is more common than on average in Utrecht, as well as smoking (24%). In conversations, this was linked to a relatively large number of young people, including students.

Since the Binnenstad is home to people living there permanently but also attracts many visitors, inhabitants often say to professionals that they are looking to find the balance between livability and liveliness.